Butterfly Valves

1- Butterfly valves

2- Triple offset butterfly valve

3- Hard seal butterfly valve

4- Lug type butterfly valve

5- Wafer type Butterfly Valve

6- Hoop Type Butterfly Valve

7- Flanged Butterfly Valve

8- Three Way Butterfly Valve

9- Soft Seal Butterfly Valve


Butterfly valve can be manufactured with the sizes up to 3,000mm, with replaceable rubber seat, with various kind of materials. 

Standard Compliance:

KGC Concentric Butterfly valves conform to ISO 5752, KSV 7490, JIS F 7480, JIS B 2032, JIS B 2064, API 609, BS5155, DIN2501.



Ball Valves

size and pressure:

150# DN50-DN1200 / 300# DN50-DN1200 / 600# DN50-DN1200 / 900# DN50-DN900 / 1500# DN50-DN600 / 2500# DN25-DN300

1- Trunnion Ball Valve

2- Floating Ball Valve

3- Full welded Ball Valve

4- Top entry Ball Valve

5- Three-way Ball Valve

6- Metal to Metal seat Ball Valve

7- Extended Ball Valve

 Gate Valves

1- Cast steel gate valve

2- Flat gate valve

3- Pressure gate valve

4- Bellow seal gate valve

Globe Valves

1- Flanged globe valve


Check Valves

1- Flanged check valve

2- Pressure seal check valve

3- Water check valve

Forged Steel Valves
Safty Valves
Needle Valves
Plug Valves

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