Steel line pipe has been used successfully for decades now in the transportation of gases, flammable liquids and solids. Given the high pressure levels frequently involved in the transportation of these media, steel is the optimum pipe material and it remains unparalleled in terms of safety and reliability for a long service life. As a leading specialist in HFI-welded pipe, Supplier Line Pipe can be a reliable partner to the oil and gas industry around the globe.

Oil and gas pipeline

Manufacture LINE PIPE can draw on decades of experience in the manufacture of welded steel material. This heats up the open pipe rapidly, raising the strip edges to welding temperature as they arrive at the apex. Pressure rolls force the heated edges together, completing the weld. Our state-of-the-art production equipment and processes, a wide range of coating and lining systems, plus top-quality service all along fulfilling our customers’ individual needs and wishes in terms of safety, environmental protection and project-specific demands. With a weld efficiency factor of v = 1.0, our products meet the highest requirements of international standards such as EN, API, ISO, GOST, and DNV Rules, in conjunction with the most demanding specifications from renowned national and international oil and gas companies.

Casing and tubing pipes

Casing or Tubing Pipe 20,18,13 3/8,9 5/8,7,5 1/2,5,4 1/2,3.5 inch ,SMLS ,PSL2 and PSL3  manufacture according to API 5CT Casing or Tubing Couplings: 

Group 1,  H40/PSL 1, J55/PSL 3, K55/PSL 3, N80(1)/PSL 2, N80(Q)/PSL 3 and R95/PSL 3, 

Group 2,  C110/PSL 1, C90/PSL 3, L80(1)/PSL 3, L80(13Cr)/PSL 3, L80(9Cr)/PSL 1 and T95/PSL3-  

Group 3, P110/PSL 3,

Group 4, Q125/PSL 3

Stainless-steel, duplex, super duplex and CRA clad carbon steel forged pipe flanges

Standard products supplied include:

Pipes – seamless, welded

Fittings – butt weld, forged

Flanges – all types, weld neck, blind, orifice, etc.     

Spectacle blinds / spades / spacer

Special products manufactured to order include:

Riser flanges, Swivel ring flanges, Anchor flanges, Bulkheads – pipe-in-pipe / bundle, Manifold blocks, Tube sheets, Special forged block fittings, Subsea pipeline components, Project orders are managed professionally by qualified personnel. Experience lists of successfully completed oil and gas / subsea projects can be supplied on request.

Pipes, fittings and flanges inventory:

Large stocks of pipes, fittings and flanges are maintained in stainless steel and duplex 

ERW Pipe Mill, Fitting and Flange

ERW Pipe Mill (high frequency inductive Welding) 

This mill produces pipes with length up to 18 m with 8 to 24 in diameters and up to 20.6 mm thickness. Pipes produced in this mill are in accordance with international standards such as API 5L, ISO 3183 and customer requisition such as: IPS-M-PI-190 In production processes, steel strip in form of coil are put at the beginning of feed line and irregular end of coils are cut & welded. Following to milling of longitudinal edges of coil, strip surface is tested by ultrasonic and strip edges are welded by high frequency inductive welding (HFI). While moving through automated ultrasonic system (to indicate welding faults), longitudinal welding seam is heat treated and pipes are cut in required length. Then pipe ends circumference is controlled by ultrasonic system and are beveled. Then pipe is tested by hydro-static machine and finally pipe longitudinal welding is tested by ultrasonic and then weighing and marking can be delivered to the customer. According to market demand it is also possible to produce heavy profiles in square and rectangular forms with maximum dimensions of 500×500 mm and 600×400 mm. These products are produced in accordance with international standards such as EN 10219. 

Pipes, fittings, flanges, valves, bolts and gaskets

KGC offers a unique proposition to clients by successfully supplying these commodities in carbon, stainless, duplex, super duplex, nickel alloy, copper nickel, 6MO and chrome molybdenum steels.

Clients can take advantage of significant cost benefits by combining material and commodity groups. Its combined multiple offering and competitive pricing, coupled with excellent service and technical expertise, sets KGC apart from its industry counterparts. Several thousands of tones of pipes, fittings, flanges, valves, bolts and gaskets are available for immediate delivery across the country. We also hold a vast range of semi-finished items that can be modified to non-standard components in our in-house machine shop, which is operated by experienced technicians.

About Us

KGC was established as a manufacturing and trading company in 2005. The main field of our activity is supplying equipment in oil, gas, and petrochemical industry, mining, and electrical equipment.