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Kaviyan Gostar Co., as an engineering and trading company, is active in the field of supplying equipment and parts in oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant, mining and metro industries. KGC was founded in 2005.

By some trivial changes in the company policy, KGC also started investing on solar power plant project since 2016. Having an area of about 17 hectares, this site is located in Mahdishahr in Semnan Province, which is in the process of construction to be a 10 MW solar power plant.

Considering the long-term experiences of its managers and experts in the field of commercing equipment and refinery parts, and also managing engineering services, it is active in the field of supplying electrical equipment, instrumentation and telecommunications, mechanics, pipes, fittings and valves, electrical, spare parts and cathodic protection system. Merchandising petrochemicals and petroleum products is also a part of our job, thanks to so many connections with various foreign companies. 

In the field of cathodic protection system, this company has actuated the possibility of producing pipeline and jacket anodes in Iran. The company also has the license to produce these anodes, and some projects in South Pars have already been supplied and manufactured by this company.


Thanks to the abilities and facilities of the company, and decent relations with international companies, it is possible to supply goods and equipment in cash or on a long-term contract. At present, this company is also active in supplying spare parts and laboratory parts for some petrochemicals and refineries in the country. This company has also the possibility to supply wrought iron pipes and seamless steel pipes by producing what is ordered or by supplying it from the warehouse. 

In supplying casing and tubing and duplex pipes, this company has the cooperation with TPCO, Hebei Huayang Steel Pipe, and Hunan Companies from China. In supplying pin brazing, this company has cooperation with the swedish company, SafeTrack, which we were its representative in Iran before sanctions. We had also several orders from SADRA, DOT, IOEC and we have some related items present in our stock in Iran. In supplying piping materials, we have co-operations with Spanish, Korean and Chinese companies and there is the possibility to supply all these items from companies who are present in the Vendor Reference List of Oil and Gas company.

Also, considering experienced technical experts of our company, there is the possibility of supplying telecommunication equipment and producing some of their items such as NDB and special cables inside the country and implementing related projects in oil and gas industry.

KGC experts and specialists announce their readiness to represent their capabilities for future collaborations. For us, it’s just a fortune 

to know you and to work with you in the future.

About Us

KGC was established as a manufacturing and trading company in 2005. The main field of our activity is supplying equipment in oil, gas, and petrochemical industry, mining, and electrical equipment.