Instrument System

Instrument System

Instrument System


The term “system” refers to a set of components that are connected to form and act as an entire unit. An “instrumentation system” is a collection of instruments used to measure, monitor, and control a process. There are many applications of instrumentation systems, within technological areas as large as those associated with communications, defense, transportation, education, industrial manufacturing, research and development, chemical and other process industries.


Industrial gas detector

Commercial area gas detector

Gas detector receiver

Monitoring system engineering (HMI & PLC)

Flame detector

Heavy duty alarm light



Safety shield

Acid & base leak detection paint

1992: Establishment of Gastron Co., Ltd. (CEO Song Chan Young)

          Released the first model of SK-1000, multi channel gas detector receiver

          Released the first model of TS-1000Tx, Transmitter type toxic gas detector receiver

1997: Won the excellent products prize by commerce, industry and energy minister

1999: Certified ISO 9001

2000: Achieved the excellent prize in explosive product fair (Korea Industrial Safety Corporation)

2005: Launched Malaysia Office, GASTRONICS SON. BHD

2006: Released IR Gas Detector Gir-300, Gir-3000 for the first time in Korea

2008: Released ATEX IECEx certified model GTD-2000Ex/Tx

2009: Released ATEX IECEx certified model GIR-3000

2010: Registered Membership of HART communication foundation

2011: Developed HART communication model (GIR 3000/GTD-2000)

           Released Sampling type portable gas detector GPD-100

2012: Awarded KR (Korean Registered) Certification GT0-2000Ex/Tx

           Released Ex-type alarm light GTL-100

2013: Developed UV/IR Flame Detector,GTF1000

          Developed flame proof type sampling gas detector GTD-5000F

           Received MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certification GTD-2000/GIR-3000 Received BV. ABS                   Marine certification GTD-2000Tx

2014: Received SIL2 certification GIR-3000, GTD-2000Ex/Tx

2015: Developed Gas Sampling Monitoring System

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